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Fire Fighting Equipment Installation

Fire Extinguisher Installation

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KeyCall® is a revolutionary patent-granted Key Operated Fire Alarm Activation Device which has been developed specifically for ‘approved’ applications where standard fire alarm call points would be vulnerable to abuse. Developed by Fixfire® in response to growing demand from the Mental Health Care sector, KeyCall® is a revolutionary one-piece analogue addressable key operated manual call point.

Compatible with a wide range of Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.

KeyCall® accepts a Euro-Profile style cylinder
Typically suited/keyed-alike cylinders are fitted so that authorised persons can activate KeyCall® using their standard door key.

Key ‘Click-latch’ mechanism ensures key ‘latches’ in correct position to activate Fire Alarm System.

Anti-ligature low-profile flush-mounting design.

Neat minimalistic one piece construction incorporating Fire Alarm interface module.

Red fire indicator illuminates when KeyCall® is activated.

Compatible with a wide range of Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Applications include:

  • Prisons
  • Mental Healthcare
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) School

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire extinguisher Installation

Fire Extinguisher Installation

British Standard Design requirements...
  • Install AFD to voids greater than 800mm
  • Treat downward projections exceeding 10% of the void depth as wall
BS5839-Part 1:2013 states:

22.2d) If the system Category is such that automatic fire detection should be provided in any area that contains a horizontal void of 800 mm or more in height, automatic fire detection should also be provided in the void.

22.3j) Ceiling obstructions, such as structural beams, deeper than 10% of the overall ceiling height should be treated as walls [see Figure 10a)]. NOTE 10 Within horizontal voids, beams or obstructions that are deeper than 10% of the overall depth of the void regardless of whether the void is above the ceiling or below the floor, ought to be treated as walls that subdivide the void.

VoidAlert Remote Indicator
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The Fixfire Fire Safety Compliance System

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Patient Call System Accessories
Standard Call Leads

Compatible with all Intercall® systems manufactured since 2005. (Includes all Intercall® 700 systems. For earlier versions and other systems which use a mono-jack connector see ‘Other Systems’.

NALL100 (2m)
NALL101 (4m)
NALL102 (6m)

Styled 2m ,4m and 6m pear push wander lead with reassurance light.


Styled 2m call and bed light control handset. For Intercall® systems with overbed light switching facility

Other Systems

CareAlert offers an extensive range of call leads and accessories to suit the majority of Call Systems.

Other Systems

Please call Customer Support with your specific requirements and we will be glad to help.

Quantec & Nursecall 800

Compatible with all Quantec and Nursecall 800 systems.

NALC100 (1.8m)
NALC101 (4.2m)

1.8m or 4.2 tail call lead.


Disc-Alert is used by patients with sufficient motor skills to either press or lean on the pad to activate a call. It has a large circular shape and soft vinyl pad design with gripping feet to help keep it in position.


Bulb-Alert is used by patients with sufficient motor skills to either press or lean on the bulb to activate a call. It has an oval shaped, soft final bulb design that prevents it from rolling off the patient’s bed.


Bulb-Alert with 6ft lead, compatible with Intercall® Systems.


Disc-Alert with 6ft lead or head-Alert with 8ft length compatible with Intercall® Systems.


Head-Alert with 8ft length lead compatible with Intercall® Systems.


Head-Alert is used by patients with sufficient motor skills to either press or lean on the pad with their head to activate a call. Head-Alert features a large soft elliptical
air activated touch surface.


Breath-Alert provides patients with no motor skills a means to communicate by simply breathing into a sensitive pressure-operated switch. With a clamp providing easy attachment to a fixed support such as a bed or wheelchair, Breathcall incorporates a vinyl-covered flexible gooseneck which may be positioned to suit patient requirements. Two models are available, standard which has 3ft gooseneck and universal screw clamp for secure mounting and lightweight which has a 2ft gooseneck and ‘bulldog-clip’ type spring clamp. Both models come with a pack of disposable filters which should be changed regularly. Spare filters are available in packs of 12.


Standard Breath-Alert Unit complete with 9ft call lead, compatible with Intercall® Systems.


Lightweight Breath-Alert Unit complete with 9ft call lead, compatible with Intercall® Systems.


Breath-Alert Accessory Pack complete with 12 filter assemblies with soft straws and porous plastic filters.

Special Call Leads
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