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Educational Premises
August 5, 2021
Bilton Grange Pre-Preparatory School
Rugby School
Client Information

Bilton Grange School is a preparatory school located in Rugby. The mansion which forms the main school was built in 1846 attached to an existing farmhouse.

Project Scope

Fixfire® maintained an old conventional Fire Alarm System in this building for many years. Following acquisition by Rugby School and in conjunction with refurbishment of the building, Fixfire® has installed a new Fire Alarm System employing an ADV/Plus range multi-loop Fire Alarm Control Panel. The system includes intelligent multi-tone Fire Alarm sounders with SelfCheck™. SelfCheck™ automatically checks the sounder operation following each activation. In the event that a sounder does not sound, this is automatically reported as a fault via the ADV/Plus Control Panel.

An AlertLog™ Fire Alarm Management Tool is installed.  AlertLog™ provides instant notifications of any fault or fire event and also prompts when the weekly Fire Alarm test is due, even suggesting which device to test! All activity is logged on an online portal. In order to facilitate movement of the small children through the school, wall mounting door retainers are installed to corridor doors and ‘free-swing’ type electromagnetic closers to room doors. ‘Free-swing’ closers remove the hydraulic action and make opening and closing doors as easy as doors at home. When the Fire Alarm is activated, the hydraulic element is enabled and the each closer shuts the door from the current position.

Fixfire® provides full planned and reactive maintenance in accordance with BS requirements.

Challenges / USP's
Bilton Grange Pre-Preparatory School
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