Educational Premises

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If you are involved in Education, Fixfire® is your best partner for your Fire Safety, Access Control and Staff Attack provision.

You will experience an approach that goes beyond mere compliance. Since 1976, Fixfire® has been providing turnkey integrated solutions that afford peace of mind. You can focus on teaching with the assurance that your Life and Property Protection is in safe hands.

Educational Premises
February 15, 2022
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
Client Information

St Gregory's Catholic Primary School serve children between the ages of 4 and 11 years in Coventry. It is part of the Romero Catholic Academy.

Project Scope

Fixfire® installed a new replacement Open Protocol Fire Alarm System to a Category L3 design.  The new system incorporates multi-tone Sounders with distinct warning tones for each of the following:

A dedicated Blue 'lockdown' Call Point is installed to allow staff to raise a distinct alarm to notify building occupants in the event of a potential threat.

The Fire Alarm system is covered under a planned maintenance agreement with Fixfire®.

Challenges / USP's
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
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