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If you are involved in Manufacturing or Warehousing, Fixfire® is your best partner for your Fire Safety, Access Control and CCTV provision.

You will experience an approach that goes beyond mere compliance. Since 1976, Fixfire® has been providing turnkey integrated solutions that afford peace of mind. You can focus on what you do best with the assurance that your Life and Property Protection is in safe hands.

Manufacturing & Warehousing
Fyffes Group Ltd
Fyffes Group Ltd
Client Information

Fyffes plc is a fruit and fresh produce company and the largest importer of Fairtrade-certified bananas in the world.

Project Scope

Fixfire® has secured a project to install a complete replacement Fire Alarm System to protect this large office and warehouse site.

This exciting project includes multiple challenges such as protecting chilled storage areas and accessing high level areas above a congested floor area.

Time and time again Fixfire® finds solutions where others say it cannot be done!

Factory/Warehouses can be susceptible to False Alarms and that is why Fixfire® is installing OSID Fire Detection which will provide unrivalled reliability and immunity to false alarms. The chiller areas will be protected with HSSD systems specifically designed for this challenging environment.

In order to facilitate site testing and notification, the system will incorporate AlertLog™ the ultimate Fire Alarm Management tool.

So if you are looking for a quality engineered approach to any Fire System challenge, contact the experts at Fixfire® for friendly helpful advice and free of charge consultation/site survey.

Challenges / USP's
Fyffes Group Ltd
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