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Residential & Student Accommodation
February 22, 2019
Fiveways House
iQ Student Accommodation
Client Information

Another successful fire alarm upgrade was completed for iQ Student Accommodation. 

iQ provides accommodation for 28,000 university students in the UK, operating 67 sites in 27 locations.


Project Scope

Fixfire® was contracted to upgrade the fire alarm system at Fiveways House in Wolverhampton to comply with BS5839-Part 1 2017 Category L2.   

The existing closed-protocol fire alarm system was replaced and extended to include 7 new fire alarm control panels from the ADV PLUS range connected via a high-integrity network. 

A pager system was also installed to provide instant alerts to staff regardless of their location on the premises. 

Around 600 detection devices were installed including optical smoke detectors, heat detectors and multi-sensor detectors.  Over 5 kilometres of fire resistant cable was installed during the project! A vital aspect was to ensure the fire alarm system remained operational overnight at all stages of the project.  Careful planning meant that any need for additional fire watch measures was avoided, providing significant cost savings. 

Fixfire® continues to work with iQ Student Accommodation as they improve fire safety provisions across all their sites.

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iQ Student Accommodation - Fiveways House
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