Fixfire® Leasing Solutions – Install Now & Pay Later

Spread the cost of your new Life or Property Protection System

Are you struggling to raise capital for systems and equipment that you need now?

Leasing could be the answer for you.

As a result of offering Leasing Packages to clients (subject to status), many have been able to proceed with projects that otherwise could not have moved forward.

Often there is a legal or statutory compliance implication and deferring implementation is not an option. Leasing can enable you to achieve compliance now on a basis that you can afford!

What are the key benefits of leasing?

  • 3 or 5 year payment options
  • Fixed payments across the term of the lease
  • Tailored to your individual requirements
  • There is no large capital outlay so you can choose the system you need rather than the system you can afford.

Now your new Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppression System, Nurse Call System, CCTV or any system/equipment from Fixfire® does not need to seem so far away!

Please speak to our Compliance Team for more information.

Leasing Steps:
What can leasing be used for?

Suitable for a large selection of asset types, leasing is available on purchases from £1,000 to several million pounds in value.

Does business trading performance limit options to leasing?

Whether a new start, well-established, small or large company, the credit history of your business will be reviewed and its financial performance.

How long does it take to arrange the leasing?

The main driving factor behind this is the amount you wish to apply for. Typically the leasing below £50,000.00 will take less than 24 working hours for a credit decision. If all parties are fully aligned, it is possible to complete a full transaction from proposal to signed documents and pay out within one working day.

If I use leasing, do I need to insure the assets?

Yes; as soon as you take delivery of the assets you are obliged under the terms of the agreement to insure it against loss or damage.  With all our agreements you will be asked to provide details of your insurance policy and should you not have insurance, this will be set up for you by our nominated third-party insurance provider who will contact you by post.

Can I make changes to my agreement during the term?

Yes; being flexible is one of the key benefits of leasing as we understand that you may wish to upgrade your assets or add additional assets to your business.  Typically, we allow for upgrades or additional assets to be added to a new agreement when 50% of the original agreement term has passed or where system mandatory upgrades are needed.

How can I discuss the leasing option or obtain a quotation?

You can obtain information about how leasing can help you by getting in touch with us.Our Compliance team can provide you with a quotation.

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