Educational Premises

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Educational Premises
August 3, 2021
St Patricks Catholic Primary School
The Romero Catholic Academy
Client Information

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School provides a Catholic education for children between the ages of 3 and 11 years in Coventry. It is a part of the Romero Catholic Academy that provides Catholic education to 3,500 pupils and students in North East Coventry.

Project Scope

The project included supply, installation and commissioning of new ADV/PLUS open-protocol Fire Alarm System incorporating 2 Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel, replacement of the existing conventional Manual Call Points and Fire Detection devices with Analogue Addressable Versions and Installation of additional Manual Call Points and Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) to comply with BS design requirements. The system includes a multi-loop intelligent multi-tone Fire Alarm sounders with SelfCheck™. The system is includes a lock-down alarm actuation point and the intelligent sounders are configured to sound distinct tones for Fire Alarm, Lesson-Change and Lock-down alerts. SelfCheck™ automatically checks the sounder operation following each activation. In the event that a sounder does not sound, this is automatically reported as a fault via the ADV/Plus Control Panel.

Challenges / USP's
St Patricks Catholic Primary School
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