Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform Order defines a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) as ‘an organised and methodical look at premises, the activities carried on there and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises’.

The Fixfire FRA service is conducted by professionals with a thorough understanding of fire prevention and the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Order.

Following the detailed site assessment, the in-depth FRA is compiled and presented in a clearly tabbed ring binder together with a copy on CD rom.

The FRA is divided into sections as follows.

1. Introduction

2. Premises Details

3. People at Risk

4. Legal Requirements

5. Effect & Causes of Fire

6. Risk Assessment Procedure

7. Emergency Plan

8. Fire Policy

9. General Advice

10. Fire Prevention

11. Risk Assessment Audit

i. Hierarchy of Risk
ii. Assessment Guide
iii. Checklist

Significant Findings, Recommendations & Audit

A. Regulatory Reform Fire & Safety Order
B. Means of Escape
C. Fire Alarm & Fire Detection
D. Primary and Emergency Lighting
E. Fire Fighting Equipment
F. Signs & Notices
G. Electrical Installations & Appliances
H. Gas appliances
I. Buildings Plant & Machinery
J. General Housekeeping
K. Testing, Maintenance and Records
L. Training, Fire Action & Emergency Procedures
M. Emergency Planning
N. Fire Policy
O. Fire Service Liaison
P. Goodwill Advice

12. Action Plan

13. Photographs

14. Preventions of Fires

15. Appendixes

Appendix 1 – Testing Frequencies
Appendix 2 – Hot Work Permit
Appendix 3 – Arson Prevention Policy
Appendix 4 – Guidance for emergency plan / procedure
Appendix 5 – Plan of Building (This is a Not-to Scale fire strategy drawing)

The section headed ‘Record of Findings and Control Measures’ includes a summarised and prioritised schedule of actions required to bring the site into line with current regulations and to reduce fire risk levels.