Fire Blankets

Fixfire stocks a complete range of Kite marked and BAFE-certified fire blankets.

The essential performance requirement of a fire blanket is to extinguish a cooking oil fire (as detailed in BSEN1869: 1997) and therefore the blanket must:

– Be flexible, with good draping qualities to eliminate oxygen from the burning oil
– Allow the oil to cool gradually to below its self-ignition temperature and not re-ignite when the blanket is removed after 17 minutes
– Control the cooling process
– Be oil-proof so that it does not absorb the cooking oil

The following range of blankets is held in stock:

Fixfire Part No. Blanket Size
FB/110 1.1×1.1m
FB/120 1.2×1.2m
FB/180 1.8×1.2m
FB/175 1.75×1.75m

Welding Drapes & Curtains

Fixfire also supplies welding drapes and curtains in a range of sizes.

Two grades of material are available as follows:

General Duty

General duty – where mechanical durability and good resistance to chemicals are a priority. This is a flame-retardant neoprene-coated glass fibre fabric with a good resistance to flex cracking, excellent resistance to abrasion, oxidation and weathering. It is resistant to attacks by oils, grease, acidic liquids and vapours and has a low permeability to gases.

High Performance

High performance resistance up to 1000oC. Specially treated glass fibre to provide resistance to grinding sparks and molten metal at high temperatures, whilst retaining a soft flexible characteristic.