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May 15, 2021
Synergy Health Sterilisation UK Ltd
Synergy Health Sterilisation UK Limited
Client Information

Synergy Health Sterilisation UK Limited is a medical supply and cleaning supply manufacturer that is headquartered in Swindon, England and was founded in 1983. They also provide two specialized contract services for the healthcare industry which are improving plastic coated wire and the manufacturing of heat-shrink tubing, and reducing microbial populations in products and modyfying polymer structures found in medical plastic products.

Project Scope

This long standing client completed a multi-million pound major upgrade of their E-Beam sterilisation plant. During the project a temporary Fire Alarm System was required.

HireAlarm™ to the rescue! Fixfire® supplied a combination of FireSentry™ Manual Call Points and Fire Detectors next day to ensure the high-value asset was protected during the works.

Challenges / USP's
Synergy Health Sterilisation UK Ltd
Products and Services: