Fixfire® delivers site Fire Safety at all stages and types of construction, including temporary protection as well as systems, products and services for completed buildings.

Construction site Fire Extinguishers, Stands, Trollies, Cabinets, Signage and temporary Fire Alarm Systems are all provided with the requisite installation and maintenance services from our expert team of directly employed, trained and certified engineers.

Fixfire® is the supplier of choice to many well-known regional and national construction companies.

September 6, 2021
Vistry Partnerships
Client Information

Vistry Partnerships is part of the wider Vistry Group. As a leading regeneration specialist, they have offices throughout England and a strong national footprint. With over 100 sites currently in production, Visty group is recognised as an innovative and collaborative industry leader.

Project Scope

Working with the Main Contractor throughout each construction phase, Fixfire® provided a HireAlarm® Wireless Fire Alarm System and Fire Extinguishers initially to provide external cover during the early stages of the site development.

Latest generation FireSentry™ Wireless Manual Call Points are employed featuring an emergency Fire Aid Button.

In order to identify which alarm has activated, a FireSentry™ Alarm Base station was installed in the main contractors Site Office. In the event of an activation of any unit, the specific location is identified thus facilitating the site fire evacuation policy.

As the project has progressed, the system and protection has been expanded to protect internal areas with additional FireSentry™ units and Fire Extinguishers.

Another classic HireAlarm® application with no capital outlay and a system that can be adapted to suit the site at every stage of construction.

Challenges / USP's
Fire Safety on a construction site
Products and Services: