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Fixfire®. Engineered solutions that are functional and compliant, because we understand!

From small Houses In Multiple Occupation (HIMO’s) to multi-hundred bedroom Halls of Residence, Fixfire® has the experience and expertise to provide the very best solution for you.

In addition to compliance with British Standards, typically BS5839 Part 6, Fixfire® understands the importance of minimising the incidence of nuisance alarms whilst providing effective protection all occupants.

AlarmCalm™ is a great example that Fixfire® has employed time and time again to give individual tenants a degree of control preventing minor incidents such as burnt toast causing needless disruption.

Whatever your requirements, you can rely on Fixfire® to listen, engineer and deliver the very best solution for you.

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IQ Student Accommodation, Allen Court
IQ Student Accommodation, Allen Court
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