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New! TampAlert™ - Fire Extinguisher Monitor has just been launched!

New! from Fixfire®, TampAlert™ is a combined Fire Extinguisher Bracket and Anti-tamper Alarm Unit. Watch TampAlert™- Fire Extinguisher Monitor Demo Now!

The Fire Safety Compliance System from Fixfire® is explained in this new short video.

Your requirements for Fire Safety Compliance, ranging from your Fire Risk Assessment to your Fire Alarm Maintenance, are all included.  To find out more and for a tailored proposal to meet your unique needs, contact our compliance team to find out more.


New! from Fixfire®, TampAlert™ is a combined Fire Extinguisher Bracket and Anti-tamper Alarm Unit that protects the Fire Extinguisher from theft and misuse.

TampAlert™ benefits from 12 bright LED lamps and its loud 100dB siren that are triggered when the Fire Extinguisher is removed from the bracket.

TampAlert™ Fire Extinguisher Monitor Benefits:

• Bright LED flashing lights

• Loud 100db siren

• Automatically alarms when fire extinguisher is lifted off bracket

How can I get TampAlert™ Fire Extinguisher Monitor installed?

Whilst TampAlert™ is easy to fit (only needs 2 screws), siting and positioning of Fire Extinguishers is guided by British Standard recommendations. Therefore we always recommend that they are installed by a competent professional who knows and understands the standards.  They are also suitable for retrofitting so our engineers can easily upgrade existing fire extinguisher installations to include TampAlert™.

How much does TampAlert™ cost?

A big chunk of the cost of installing TampAlert™ is the labour element of just getting to your site so there would be a big difference in cost between getting TampAlert™ fitted as part of your routine servicing or a special visit just to install it.  As a guide, you would expect to pay something between £55.00 plus VAT and £65.00 plus VAT to have TampAlert™ installed on your site but it would vary dramatically according to the number of fire extinguishers and the type of walls to fix to.

Are there any disadvantages of TampAlert™?

Not really!  The battery should last for several years.  It is an off-the-shelf PP9 type that you could source and change yourself easily enough.  The main disadvantage is for anyone that tries to tamper with your fire extinguishers and it should really put them off!

Ideal for vulnerable appliances in Schools, Colleges, Universities & Public Access Buildings, TampAlert™ deters needless tampering, ensuring your Fire Extinguishers stay safe 24/7.

For over 45 years, Fixfire® has been providing quality products, systems and services for Life & Property Protection. Whatever your requirement, please call our Compliance Team for expert advice and a refreshingly different approach.

Freephone 08000 891999.

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Fixfire® is investing in these test kits for customer-facing team members to protect staff and customers alike, and is also making them available to customers.

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TampAlert™ - Fire Extinguisher Monitor

Watch TampAlert™ Fire Extinguisher Monitor Demo Now!
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