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Building Regulations Part B

Fire Safety Building Regulations

If you are involved with any project which is subject to Building Regulations approval, it is important that you ensure that the design is fully compliant in order to avoid the disappointment and upheaval that can result from failing to incorporate a necessary measure.

Over the years, we have received many urgent requests for works to be carried out on a finished building which has failed the final Building Regulations inspection for a Fire Safety issue which should have been considered and incorporated at an earlier stage.

In addition to some of the more obvious examples such as Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting and Fire Extinguishers, items which are often overlooked include green emergency door release call points and disabled refuge alarm systems in multi-storey premises.

If you would like goodwill advice or wish to check that your project is compliant, please call Fixfire®, we will be pleased to help.

The following Building Regulations have particular relevance to fire safety.

Building Regulations Approved document B (Fire Safety)

Building Regulations Approved document M (Access to and use of buildings)

The Planning Portal is the UK Government’s online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales. These documents can be downloaded from HERE.

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