Fixfire offers training courses tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

All training is provided by experienced, time-served and qualified persons from a Fire Safety background.

The following training courses are provided as standard.

Fire Safety Awareness Course

This general fire safety information course includes fire extinguisher training and is aimed at all staff (particularly new employees) in all workplaces, to help them understand basic fire safety principles and assist them in identifying hazards and reduce the risks from fire in the workplace.

The course will provide employees with an increased knowledge of the threat posed by fire to people in their workplace, the premises and business continuity.

By the end of the training, delegates will have a basic understanding of;

– Fire safety requirements under the law.
– Means of escape.
– Fire Risk Assessment.
– Understand the action to be taken in the event of fire.
– Recognise the importance of a safe evacuation of the premises.
– Know how to prevent fire and limit fire spread.
– Be able to select and use a range of portable fire extinguishers.
– Fire drills.
– Fire spread and fire prevention.

Fire Warden Training Course

The fire warden training course is designed to provide knowledge to this specialist role and enable a person to carry out this function in a confident and competent manner. The course will raise awareness of how people may behave in a range of emergency evacuation situations and the necessary actions to be taken before, during and after an incident. The aim of the presentation is that ‘prevention is better than cure’. The course can either be site specific or a general instruction course aimed at a number of smaller organisations.

By the end of the training, delegates will;

– Understand the fire precautions that are built into the workplace.
– Recognise the hazards and the threat posed by fire to people, property and jobs.
– Recognise the importance of continuous monitoring of fire safety standards and the need to keep records.
– Understand the need for and the frequency of testing all fire safety provisions.
– Demonstrate the correct selection and use of portable fire fighting equipment.
– Confidently ensure the complete and satisfactory evacuation of all persons in the building in the event of an emergency.

The Course Content includes the following;

– Legislation affecting the place of work.
– Risk Assessment.
– The duties of a Fire Warden.
– Common causes of fire.
– How fire spreads.
– The problem of arson.
– The action to take on seeing a fire.
– How to raise the alarm.
– Correct procedures for evacuating a building including assembly points.
– Meeting the fire brigade on arrival and information required.
– How to select and use portable fire fighting equipment.
– Human behaviour in fire.
– The importance of record keeping.

Fire Safety Management Course

Understand fire safety legislation and the main issues of fire safety, prevention and control at management level.

The course covers the following topics;

– Nature and causes of fire.
– Current and proposed fire safety legislation.
– Arson.
– Passive fire safety principles and practice.
– Fire spread and its control.
– Fire risk management and control.
– The role of the Fire Authority.
– Emergency lighting.
– Means of escape.
– Portable fire fighting equipment.
– Fire Risk Assessment.
– Managing fire.
– The importance of record keeping.
– The value of fire wardens and their role.
– The role of the fire brigade.
– Action to be taken in the event of fire.


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